Simplify your
Open Source Data Platform

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  • Ubuntu

Install Gigahex on Mac

Be up and running in 60 seconds

Launch Spark and Kafka clusters

$ brew install postgresql java11
$ curl -s | bash

Designed for developers, built for speed.

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Fast development

Bootstrap a Spark cluster under a minute, and start playing

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Complete cluster control

Launch an interactive shell and start exploring Spark.

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Open Source driven

Runs on open source version of Spark. Always stay at the edge

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Stay focused

Focus on developing and deploying applications, and not on complex infrastructure management

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Manage multiple clusters

Manage multiple Spark clusters from single interface

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Move to production faster

Develop and test locally and deploy to production with complete confidence

Desktop app that saves thousands of developers’ hours

Launch Sandbox clusters

Fast provisioning. Launch single node clusters on your desktop under a minute.

Focus on development. Forget the mess of bootstrapping and managing clusters on your own.

Choose cluster
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Get Runtime Insights

Identify resource wastage. Optimize cluster memory and cpu based on the resource overall resource usage.

Vital Observations. Identify performance bottleneck, without going through hundreds of jobs and stages and logs.

Realtime Monitoring

Faster delivery. Get instant feedback on resource usage pattern and deploy the optimized code, saving time and cost.

Faster debugging. Quickly drill down to individual job and stages and isolate the performance bottleneck in minutes instead of hours and days.

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