Open Source
Data Infrastructure Platform

Now, creating and managing data infrastructure is as easy as ordering a pizza 🍕.

  • Mac
  • Window
  • Ubuntu

Install Gigahex on Mac

Be up and running in 60 seconds

Launch Spark and Kafka clusters

$ brew install postgresql java11
$ curl -s | bash

Designed for developers, built for speed.

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Fast development

Bootstrap single node Spark, Kafka and HDFS cluster under a minute

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Complete cluster control

Launch an interactive spark-shell, view Kafka messages and browse HDFS.

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Open Source driven

Creating software in open communities is the de facto standard for building impactful software

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Developer Focused

Focus on developing and deploying applications, and not on complex infrastructure management

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Manage multiple clusters

Manage and monitor data infrastructure through a single interface. No switching across different windows.

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Move to production faster

Develop and test locally and deploy to production with complete confidence

Data Platform that saves thousands of developers’ hours

Launch Sandbox clusters

Fast provisioning. Launch single node clusters on your desktop under a minute.

Focus on development. Forget the mess of bootstrapping and managing clusters on your own.

Choose cluster
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HDFS For Storage

Browse HDFS. With easy to use file browser, you can now quickly drill down to the actual location of the file.

Upload Files. Drag and drop multiple files of any format to quickly test your data pipeline.

Kafka as Message broker

Explore Messages. Kafka Messages are now easy to browse, helping you to quickly test your stream processing program.

Topic Insights. List all topic configs, check how much disk size is consumed for a respective topic or partition on the broker or find out how many messages exist in your topic.

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