Learn about Gigahex, our mission and why you should start using it.

Gigahex speeds up building data applications, by creating developer centric user interface for interacting with distributed systems like Apache Spark and Hadoop. It attempts to bring the same user experience as you would have while interacting with a native desktop applications.


The iterative cycle of development, testing, deploying and fixing and then again testing and so on, should be faster than ever. This can be made possible by having an isolated development environment consisting of clusters, application jars and monitoring dashboard for quick feedback loop.

Once deployed, it allows you to monitor the application, and get alerts when a task is too slow, or the executor got killed by yarn cluster or the driver got stuck while interacting with some database or S3. This will enable you to quickly identify the root issue, and accelerate the deployment of the fix to production.

Why Choose Gigahex?#

Gigahex has a concept of workspace, which is analogous to a project, where you can manage different clusters for development, staging and production and deploy jobs and monitor them. It's a single platform with a desktop client, to manage your entire development and management needs for big data applications.