Submit Spark Application

Once you've installed Gigahex SDK in your Spark cluster, running a Spark application with monitoring on Gigahex is a two step process.

  • Every Spark application that needs to be tracked in Gigahex Monitoring platform, needs to be first registered by navigating to the projects section.
  • Submit your spark application using gx-cli by prefixing gx to your spark-submit command, as demonstrated below.
gx spark-submit \
--class com.gigahex.sample.SparkPi \
--master yarn \
--name daily-hits \
--conf spark.executor.instances=10
/apps/path/spark-app.jar --input /hdfs/input --output /hdfs/out

The gx spark-submit command will first checks if this application with name daily-hits (for example), has already been registered. If found registered, it will start publishing the metrics for this run.


Make sure that the provided application name through --name option, matches the project name registered in Gigahex Monitoring platform.

Current Limitations#

As we are still in alpha version, therefore we are currently supporting small workloads and the limitations would be gradually lifted in the future versions. Here are the current limitations in place:

  • We are supporting capturing of metrics for only a duration of 15 minutes.
  • A user would be able to register 5 spark projects.
  • For a Spark project, last 5 history runs would be visible.

Now, we will look at how we can make some sense of metrics.