Spark Job

Deploy Spark Job#

In this section, we'll see how we can deploy spark job to the sandbox cluster we created in the previous section.


  • Navigate to the Jobs menu and click on Deploy Job

  • Choose the Spark Job type

  • Enter the deployment ID, and choose the cluster which we created in the previous section, or you can create another cluster by clicking on Add Cluster which will be the target cluster for the deployment.

  • Clicking on Next button will land you on the Spark configuration page, where you can provide the application details.


    By default, the YARN cluster memory is set to 3GB and 3 CPU Cores. Therefore, set the minimum memory for executor and driver to make sure the YARN allocates the resources to the job. Setting a high resource may cause the application to stay in running state with no progress.

  • Once the Spark application configuration has been saved, you can run the job by clicking on the Deploy button from the Deployment section.

  • If the cluster is running, the Spark job will be triggered and you can view the logs by clicking on the blue square button. While the job is running, you can watch the Spark application progress from Overview and Logs tab.