Master Apache Spark™ in 100 Days

Welcome to the complete guide for Apache Spark™ that helps you to build real world data pipelines using Spark in 100 days. This guide is all about building projects that solve real world problems.

The objective of this guide is to demonstrate how Big problems can be solved by taking small consistent steps every day. No matter how tempting it would be to give up on learning distributed systems like - Apache Spark, we are here to help you stay focused and provide you with best content available for free forever.

Who this guide is for ?#

This guide is for anyone who is looking for more handson approach towards mastering Apache Spark. If you have completed any Apache Spark online course, or read couple of books and want to do a deep dive, by building real world projects, then this guide is for you.

If you are a complete beginner who wants to understand the architecture and different components of Apache Spark™, then have a look at the excellent book - Learning Spark.

What do I need ?#

You need to have a workstation with MacOS, Windows 10(with WSL Support) or Ubuntu installed, and atleast 4GB RAM and 2 CPU Cores.

What if I get stuck ?#

We encourage all the learners to join the Gigahex Community Slack workspace dedicated for helping the professionals and beginners a great career in Data Engineering.

Once you've joined the Slack workspace, you can enter #100days-of-spark channel to ask your queries.